Subject Re: How can I backup my embedded firebird database.....
Author Adam
--- In, bhavesh shahu <bkshahu@...>
> Hi All,
> Can anybody help me out -
> I want to take backup of embedded firebird database.
> There is no firebird server service running.
> I want to know whether GBAK utility application is
> available which works with embedded DB.

As far as any application is concerned, the embedded engine is simply
the client library for Firebird. This includes gbak.


Only one database engine can control a database at a time. Each
process that uses the embedded engine gets its own instance of the
database engine. gbak is a process that is separate to your own
application, so it is one or the other at a given point in time.

So the easiest way to make a database backup using embedded is to
close your application (or disconnect all connections) then run gbak
(heck even xcopy is safe under embedded once your application is closed).

The only way you can run a hot backup of an embedded database is from
within your application using the services API, and the only way this
is truly a 'hot' backup is if it is done in a thread of that
application so your application can continue other things while it is
running. However if you require a hot backup, you probably need to
investigate whether a full server may be a better option.