Subject Re: [firebird-support] Permission problem
Author Milan Babuskov
Todd Cary wrote:
> I am using rsync to synchronize two Linux servers. Using IB Console,
> I am able to log into Firebird, however if I try to access a DB, I get
> an error message that I do not have file permissions. The permissions
> on the servers appear to be identical as well as the Owner and Group.

How exactly is rsync configured? Does it copy the entire filesystem?
There are options in rsync for control of file owners and privileges. It

a) copy them
b) leave intact for existing files
c) make root (or whichever user is running rsync) owner of all files
d) use numerical IDs

Depending on all this the directory with database and database file
itself could have different privileges on the remote server.

One important thing is that rsync-ing that database file is A Bad
Idea(tm). You could start the copy and before it reads the entire file
Firebird could write some parts of it (pages) rendering the file
unusable on target system (corrupted). It is only safe to copy database
file when server is not running on any of the servers.

The proper way would be to rsync rest of the system and transfer
database via backup/restore cycle. If you need a "failover" solution,
you'd be better off with some kind of replication.

Milan Babuskov