Subject Re: using gfix -mend with classic firebird 1.53
Author Adam
--- In, "robertgilland"
<robert_gilland@...> wrote:
> I have worked out how to use gbak.exe in classic.
> you need to use -se "localhost:service_mgr"

No you don't need to use service manager but you certainly can.

You can use it the other way as long as you have the hostname first,
as Classic on Windows can't do a local connection.

gbak -b localhost:c:\blah.fdb c:\blah.fbk ....

will work too, but the following wont

gbak -b c:\blah.fdb c:\blah.fbk ....

> but I cant find the same switch in gfix
> is this possible?

I thought gfix worked on a file level. In any case, the following
works for me:

gfix -sweep localhost:c:\blah.fdb