Subject Re: [firebird-support] why you can't compress a database file?
Author Lester Caine
Nigel Weeks wrote:

>>The "compress" word lead me to think about zip or something
>>else (like
>>on the fly compression like STACKER did anybody else
>>remembers it ? :-)
>>), compressed volumes on windows and so on.
> 'Compact' might be a better word, implying filling in the empty space, and
> shortening the DB.

I suppose I am just too old, but the first thing I missed when moving to
Interbase was 'PACK'. The normal method for deleting blanks from a dBase
file and reducing it's size.

Certainly 'why you can't compress a database file?' does give the wrong
idea, and so I think I agree that Compacting Databases is a more
accurate title. Since you ARE NOT actually compressing the data only
packing it ;)

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