Subject Re: What API do you use to get affected row count?
Author Jeff Lynn
Yes and no. My experience with other databases are that each of the
following stmts reset the affected row counts:
update, insert, delete and select never generates any affected rows.

So a single "getAffectedRowCount() will return affected row count
without any specific knowledge of which affected row count stmt to return.

I guess it is just a different architecture/implementation. I am ok
with that. Just need to know the differences.

--- In, "Dimitry Sibiryakov" <SD@...>
> On 27 Apr 2006 at 17:52, Jeff Lynn wrote:
> >The only stme executed is SQL update, why did the select return a
> >count of 1?
> Because these counters are not counters of SQL statements. They are
> counters of real database operations. Isn't it obvious that the
> engine must read the record before updating it?..
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> SY, Dimitry Sibiryakov.