Subject Re: How do attach to a remote database server?
Author Jeff Lynn
Thanks for both Ann and Helen's answer.

Actually, I stopped thinking about the remote connection problem after
I posted the quest, got busy working on something else the rest of
the day. Over dinner a short while ago, I started thinking about how
in the world to specified the remote database, as my mind was still
boxed in by
other databases connection convention: "host name" or ip address
followed by a database name, and the use of full path name seems "not
fit in" and then it clicked as I just remembered when I first start
exploring Firebird, I use ISQL and having trouble with "connect
C:\...\employee.fdb" and then someone pointed out to me that I need to
specified "connect localhost:c:\...\employee.fdb". So I was thinking
that may be I should use the isc_attach_database api with the same

I went down to my computer lab in my basement, and want to check this
forum first before do more experimentation. And here both Ann and
Helen confirmed my thinking. Just amazing how fast I forgot about the
ISQL lesson I learned and how slow I had become that it did not click
fast enough.

Thank you, Ann and Helen.