Subject Re: What API do you use to get affected row count?
Author Jeff Lynn
Actually, I went ahead to study the API doc instead of looking at
Dimitry's code because the code fragement he illustrated is different
then the API documented in the API Doc, i.e. no FB_Call().... That is
why I go ahead for page 52 he suggested.

Now that you mentioned it, I went back to inspect his code, I think
either I did not read page 52 correctly because I did not get the
indication that the way data returned as attachment within attachment.

What I got was sequential chung of attachment one after another, each
chunk codified by 1-byte item type, 2-byte length, which is arranged
as the least significant byte first, and the most significant byte
last, etc.

So I iterate thrugh the struct and noticing two clusters, first one
with type 23, and second one 1 (isc_info_end.

I will try again to look into the cluster(s) attachment inside the
first cluster of type 23.

Thanks for you info