Subject Re: BLOB TYPE 1 and asp (via ODBC)
Author Erik De Laet
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@...>
> > Thanks for the answer ... so I presume selecting text is just as
> > easy as 'select this, thisblob from thisTable' ?
> > When I was reading Helen's book on Firebird so was mentioning a
> > id being returned. My Delphi programs handle these transparantly,
> > but I was just wondering whether select-statements via the ODBC
> > driver are returning the actual text blob or some id. And if they
> > are returing an id, what the next query should be.
> there is no need to do this. Just select the field and display it.
Try it.
> It's a 2 second test for someone with hundreds of lines of asp

:) - you got me here !

> >
> > Regarding the asp vs php: it's just not easy to overhaul a
> > running site from asp to php, especially when, like me, you have
> > hundreds and hundreds lines of asp routines and classes which
> > perform their task rather well.
> quite - the comment was intended for new projects only. I have
many in both camps now.
> Alan
> >
> > Thanks

Do you happen to know of a ASP to PHP converter ? I really would
like to keep the classes and routines I already have and know.