Subject Re: [SPAM] Re: [firebird-support] Firebird enters infinite? loop executing
Author Andrew Guts
Vlad Horsun wrote:
> > I am using isql.exe locally, feeding SQL-operators through the
> > clipboard. Of course, the script does not contain substring(), just
> > "update cms_wiki set u_text = text;" and it hangs eating resources.
> > Single-record operator "update cms_wiki set u_text = text where id =
> > 15;" hangs also, without any exceptions, i.e. Firebird is eating
CPU and
> > doing writes to HDD for a very long time (till I kill'em all to
make the
> > computer usable again).
> > So I suspect some implicit limitation there, even without substring().
> Reproducible bug report will be very appreciated.
> Feel free to fill it at

Thank you, Vlad. I've registered there, but file attachments are not
allowed, that's why I haven't added a new bug report. Where should I
send the database backup (only 124 kilobytes)? It makes the problem clear.