Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird vs Postgres
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heineferreira wrote:
> Hi
> How does Firebird compare to Postgresql?
> I have downloaded both database systems and would like to know
> the advantages and disadvantages of both.
> I read somewhere on the internet that Postgres needs vast amounts of
> ram for big databases. A friend of mine says that he runs 30gb
> databases on entry level pc's. The reason why I want to compare the
> two is because they are the only databasis that are 100% open source
> and free for commercial use.
Aside to what Richard wrote, consider also:
- Firebird can be deployed much easier (moved, installed aso.)
- Firebird can be configured and maintained/administered much easier
("it just works" you do not need to pay attention to it, you can
concentrate on your app)
- Firebird is _much_ more mature on Windows (in fact is #1 here - but Fb
marketing didn't stress this so much... unfortunately) - stability, much
richer connectivity on Windows platforms like Win32 Delphi (many
libraries with "thousands" of features - see IBO for example), C/C++,
all .NET development environments, Java, Python, PHP aso. As a rule of
thumb: If you want to do Win development, hands down, look no further.
- Postgres's documentation is bigger and better, IMHO. As "workaround"
for Fb, excluding Google,, and other sites you can use
safely this list, some persons here, especially the ones "wearing the
moderator/admin hat" ;) are very skilled and quick in responses. Also,
our Helen wrote a book "The Firebird book - A reference for database
developers" (APress) which is a very nice (and detailed) reading not
only for Fb but also for SQL in general.
- About the functions which Richard wrote, thus< I'd like to see more
_built-in_ functions in Fb, the UDFs are a "great" feature, but
personally I don't use them. For 'normal' usage the 'bare' Firebird is
enough to do almost anything in the financial/business area of
applications. If you want to do something more 'special' like
spatial/temporal data processing, true FTS support, very high-precision
math (1000 significant digits) (- but, beware, this is slow...), custom
special data types aso. then your choice is Postgres.

In a few words:

- Q: Windows ? A: Firebird
- Q: Extreme database needs ? A: Postgres
- Q: Auto administration and/or need to deploy ? A: Firebird
- Q: Need many docs at hand ? A: Postgres
- Q: Need good connectivy? A: Firebird

> From what I could gather it looks like
> Postgresql comes with quite a good and free database administration
> tool. It seems however that FlameRobin is very basic and is still in
> 0.75 release.
Not true. And I'm rather *upset* on this. :) Not on you. On Milan
(Babuskov). Because he (and his team) did a great job with that and IMHO
they managed to hide the unneeded features (IOW is a very discrete and
streamlined UI) but, *unfortunately* (I hope that Milan reads this) they
have a curious branding (ie. put a 0.76 on a quite mature product) and
more, on writes that the product is in Alpha stage, thus
growing the FUD. You can use it safely. This is a rather general
"disease" on Firebrid community: much better products than their
marketing. (But in a way I'm happy with this... Imagine what would
happen if it would be the reverse... :) ) But if you don't want to use
it, you have a plenty of choices at

(Many of us use the freeware versions of some commercial products which
are _much_ more advanced than pgAdmin III which is bundled with Postgres.)

> Heine Ferreia