Subject Re: security2.fdb
Author corygm
--- In, "Adam" <s3057043@...> wrote:
> > >Are you saying that *gsec.exe* does not work with Firebird 2??
> >
> > Nope, it works. But it's now subject to being a Services API
> > - it's no longer a direct tube to the security database.
> Understood.
> > My point is
> > that offering it to a newbie to compensate for his yet unacquired
> > knowledge about his development environment aint no solution.
> >
> Agreed to the point it is not ideal, but in the absense of access to
> the services API from his development environment, such a 'hack'
> be used to achieve his goal of managing users.
> My suggestion was certainly meant to be a 'last resort'. Given that
> other suggestions were forthcoming (at the time of that post), and
> this was his second post on the subject after 3 days, I assumed that
> no-one in the list knew enough about his environment to answer the
> question.
> However I now think he must read your original post and follow up on
> the .NET or Java list depending on his specific environment.
> Adam

To answer a couple of questions / comments that came up from this
topic. You can use C libraries in PowerBuilder. Simply compile them
as standard DLLs or COM objects. As long as the Services API can
either be compiled that way or wrapped and compiled that way he
should be good to go. I suspect, however, that since PowerBuilder
developers (myself included) are not traditionally very familiar with
the ins and outs of C/C++ that the prospect of having to do that
himself may have been a non-starter for the OP.

PowerBuilder can connect to Firebird via either ODBC (which is what
I'm still using because hey, it works) or the .Net provider.
Invoking the Java runtime to call JDBC is still rather clunky in PB
and I definitely would not recommend it.