Subject Transactions
Author Michael Vilhelmsen

We have several customer databases running around.
We have made ouor programs, so that we do explicit start transactions
and commit.

During the day, the gab between OAT and next transaction increases some.
But at nigth, when the last user disconnect the meet up nicely.

So this is no problem, I think.

I was just wandering - Our largest customer has well over 200+
connections. At some points during the day, the gab can be as high as

What are your experience with your transactions ?

Besides - Sometimes our users makes a report (or something similar)
and shows this to the screen. Then every once in a while, the user
just leaves the computer - And goes home (I don't know, but they are
don't user the computer for more than 4 hours i.e.).

They will have an open transaction and a long running as well.
What do you do to solve this ?