Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: security2.fdb
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:07 AM 20/12/2006, you wrote:
>--- In, "kfkong" <kfkong@...> wrote:
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> > Hello, I am using Power Builder10 for development. How can i
> > add/edit/delete user and password from security2.fdb through service
> > API. Thank you.
> >
>The previous time you asked this question someone asked whether you
>could use c libraries with Powerbuilder. You did not respond to their
>Powerbuilder isn't exactly the most common programming environment
>around, so it is actually quite possible that no-one has ever tried it.

Older editions of Powerbuilder used ODBC. AFAICT, Powerbuilder 10
expects a .NET provider for its data interface. Therefore, the right
place to ask about this would be the firebird-net-provider list,
remembering of course to mention what *programming language* you plan
to use for development.

Apparently PB 10 can invoke Java classes directly. If your
development language is Java, try asking on the firebird-java list.

You will find subscribing instructions for all lists at

>That being the case, if powerbuilder is capable of launching an
>external executable, then you could make your program call gsec.exe
>directly rather than directly use the API.

Not possible in Firebird 2. Now, the security functions can only be
accessed by invoking the Services API. So he's looking for a driver
that supports the Services API and whatever PB 10 offers for accessing data.