Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird enters infinite? loop executing this query.
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Andrew Guts wrote:
> I need to convert some of my database fields into UTF-8. So I wrote and
> run operator by operator the script below:
> --------------------------------------------------------
> alter table cms_wiki
> add u_name varchar(100) character set UTF8,
> add u_title varchar(100) character set UTF8,
> add u_description blob sub_type 1 character set UTF8,
> add u_text blob sub_type 1 character set UTF8;
> commit;
> update cms_wiki set
> u_name = name, u_title = title, u_text = text, u_description =
> description; /* Here it hangs */

Have you tried splitting the update statement into two, three or four
separate update statements? That way, you could find if it was a problem
with the blobs specifically and if the problem appeared whether you
tried updating one or two blob fields in the same statement.

I have no idea whether it is possible to convert character sets for text
blobs this way or not, but there's no way updating 52 records should
take more than 30 minutes (well, theoretically if each blob is huge and
you use an extremely slow internet connection and the BDE, I suppose it
could be that slow ;o) and you should at least have been given an error
message. I expect that there is no other transaction active that
accesses this table when you try to do the update?