Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: firebird hangs when connecting through ipsec/openvpn
Author Fabiano Bonin
Just to remember, RemoteAuxPort works just for SuperServer.

On 12/14/06, mariusgresko <contact@...> wrote:
> thanx for this hint! I will try to set RemoteAuxPort but I suppose it
> will change nothing, as the gateway doesn't block anything on the
> encrypted link. all traffic is passed through to the database server.
> and as far as I understand events the first packet is sent from the
> client to the new RemoteAuxPort, so the firewall on the client does
> not mater also.
> any other ideas? packet fragmentation? anything?
> thank you!
> marius
> --- In<>,
> "diwic2" <diwic2@...> wrote:
> > Another way to solve that problem is to configure which port the
> > events should connect to (that's configurable in firebird.conf),
> > and opening that port up in the firewall as well.

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