Subject Re: database size remains constant after deletion of records
Author Adam
--- In, "deepak_cs_mca_2006"
<deepak_cs_mca_2006@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Firebird database version 1.5 for storing records. All
> the operations (mostly inserts and read)
> are working correctly.
> My problem is that, when I delete older records (sometimes in a
> bulk) from the database to reduce the size of the database,
> records get deleted but database size remains the same. Is there a
> way to reduce the size of the database after delete operation has
> deleted many records.
> I tried to call gfix -sweep but the size is still shown to be the
> same.
> My guess is that garbage collection has happenned with gfix-sweep,
> but compression has not taken place.
> Is this the correct functionality of gfix-sweep? If it is, then is
> there a way that I call compression on the database
> file explicitly so that I can reduce the size of the database file
> after the gfix-sweep has taken place.

Nope, there is no way of doing it (besides a backup-restore) nor is
there any point. Firebird will reuse space occupied by previously
deleted records when possible.