Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: PostGIS support ?
Author Nigel Weeks
Here's my work so far, starting from a posting I made a few months ago.
It's got a simple R-Tree index storage method, that most likely needs work.
There'll be a few SP's to search the R-Tree index, insert, update, and
balance, but I've got a few urgent jobs before I can get back to that.

Feel free to pump recommendations/code snippets back to me.
(I suppose this is heading towards OT for this list, but if other people
need spatial help, it probably could stick around)

There's the schema, and an ER diagram in .pdf form.


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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: PostGIS support ?

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> I like the look of R-tree implementations using database tables -
that would
> be a very nice recursive SP to build.
> Might give it a shot today, if things get quiet.
> Nige.

I will appreciate it if you keep me informed by using my work e-
mail: nols@...
Next year I may get involved in projects with GIS components and
would like to stay with FireBird.

My developing environment: Delphi with IntraWeb components &
Prospective GIS components for Delphi: Tatuk GIS


Nols Smit

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