Subject Re: Internal gds software ... error
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
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> > More information ...
> >
> > The server is running Windows 2003 64Bit.
> > It has a Dual Core CPU and 4 Gb RAM.
> >
> > It runs Firebird 1.5.0 SS.
> >
> >
> > The server has been up and running for a month now.
> > The problem with clients unable to connect seems to be when Firebird
> > has used all of 2 Gb af RAM.
> >
> > This morning, when noone was connected to the server we saw thar
> > Firebird already used 1,8 Gb of RAM.
> >
> > Tonigth we will restart the server.
> > We will then observe to see if the server in time will consume more
> > and more memory.
> >
> > But - Should I upgrade from FB 1.5.0 SS to FB 1.5.3 SS ?
> >
> >
> > If the problem we have can be solved by restarting the server
> > periodically thats fine at first.
> > Then when FB 2.0 to Windows 64Bit is released we will upgrade there.
> >
> > Has anyone else experienced anything with FB 1.5 and 64 Bits OS
> > (Windows) ?
> There is no official 64bit Windows build for 1.5.x or 2.0. I think
> Windows must be clever enough to use wow64 to run it in 32 bit mode.

No - not at this point. But isn't the 64 Bit version of FB 2.0
schedule soon ?

> As far as the procedure, yes it is as simple as uninstall and
> reinstall, just be sure to disable the guardian service if it gets
> installed.
> Also, if you have manually changed the default firebird.conf cache
> sizes, then you will need to choose more suitable values under classic.

I think I will see what happens tonigth at restart.
I have just shortly tested my app. against CS - Seems to run OK, but I
miss some small functionallity...

> If you are up to 1.8GB, then I am confident my guess at 2GB process
> limit was correct. I can't see how that can be the case unless you
> have a lot of databases and you have really bumped up the cache. Most
> people actually get the reverse problem - a mountain of RAM they can't
> convince Firebird to use.

There is only 2 DBs on this server.

First one is a very small one.
Contains 1 table with 38 records.

Second one is our biggest one.
Some 8 Gb.
It usually has some 60+ connections.

Apperently it uses the RAM. A lot of it.
I don't mind it doing so, as long as there is enough left to connect.
When I get this error, the people already connected can do whatever
they want. No problem here.

Its just new connections can't be made. For a while.
Waiting 1 - 10 minutes and they can connect again.

To me it seems as if FB doesn't release the memory. Or something a like.
Before we moved this DB to a new server, it ran on a single core CPU,
windows 2000 and 2 Gb of RAM.
This server has been running for almost 3½ years without any problems.
On this new server - The problem has come after 1 month.

Funny though - its a better and faster server - but rigth now we
experience more problems than before.
Wether it FB or windows 64 bit - I don't know......

But thx. so far.