Subject Re: Feature that is not so good
Author Marco Castroo
--- In, Michael Weissenbacher
<mw@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> > In FB 1.5 I was able to write a query like this:
> >
> > Select Client.Name From Client cl
> Can you also explain what's the sense in defining an alias if you
> use it in the query? I would have never thought about doing this, if
> only for clarity reasons. TBH I'm happy that this won't work anymore.
> regards,
> Michael


The reason is Delphi compatibility. My system is very automatic and
it gets the field name from Delphi (D5). I allways use aliases but
Delphi parses the field names geting the table name instead of alias.

This is the reason. Now, my system has a lot of bugs because of it.


Marco Castro