Subject Re: [firebird-support] How many events is too many?
Author Milan Babuskov
Paul R. Gardner wrote:
> I'm using FB 1.5.3 along with the FIBPlus components. Is there a limit
> on the number of events that I should register? What about a practical
> limit or recommendation?

I can't tell you what's the theoretical limit, but last time I tried the
time needed to register event grow exponentially with total number of
events. System works quite fine for few hundred events, and even few
thousand is bearable. Once I tried to register 20000 events and after
half hour of waiting it to complete I gave up.

What are you trying to do and why would you need many events? I'm sure
any system could be made with just few "signal" events while keeping the
other info in some database table.

Milan Babuskov