Subject RE: [firebird-support] Accounting System DB Design
Author Alan McDonald
> Could someone point me to an example of table design for an accounting
> related system?
> I want to implement standard T-Account style accounting in my system.
> Should I have a table for each account(CASH, AR, WRITEOFF, DISCOUNT,
> REVENUE, et. al.)? Or should I have a single "LEDGER" table and an
> "ACCOUNTTYPE" lookup table?
> To link the debit/credit side of a transaction can I have a
> foreign key on a
> field in the same table? An example (or some advice) would be most
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Anthony

there a very good accounting system writtne in Delphi (you buy the cource if
you want) for redistribution. The trial version may give you an insight into
table design, the data is DBISAM tables.