Subject Re: Fix corrupted database
Author will.honor
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It looks like you have stumbled on the same bug as some others on
this group. You should read these previous threads for some
background. What machine do you have? and are you using Classic or

FB 1.5 - Continuing database corruption issues

Corruption in Firebird Classic

Do you still have a copy of the original corrupted database before
running Gfix -mend on it? If so would you be willing to send it to Ann
Harrison as requested in this message :-

In terms of fixing the database there have been a few solutions
suggested in the threads I mentioned above but I will detail the
solution that works for me.

Sometimes you dont need to run gfix -mend so first try :

1.) Make a copy of the corrupt database!
2.) gbak.exe -B -V -ig -G
3.) Restore as normal.

If that fails then try :

1.) Make a copy of the corrupt database!
2.) gfix -mend
3.) gbak.exe -B -V -ig -G
4.) Restore as normal.

Hope this helps.