Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 2.0 / FB1.5 optimizer difference
Author Ann W. Harrison
Hans wrote:
> I used a FB1.5 gbak to backup and FB2.0 gbak to restore to ODS11.0

That works but is not necessary. You need to use the old gbak when
going back to an old ODS and old server. The new gbak is aware of
new features and backs up elements that old gbak's and servers don't

> But I read later that FB2.0 gbak can backup ODS10.1 and ODS11.0, but alwaysy
> restores to ODS11.0.

That's right.

> I think that will rebuild the statistics and rebalance the indexes from
> scratch ?

Yes. Gbak creates indexes after the data is stored, so it uses the
"fast load" algorithm that also resets selectivity.