Subject INI file and backup service
i use delphi 7 and firebird 1.5.
i devellop with ibx and the IBbackupservice component

i have no trouble to make a backup file when my firebird database is local.
When i put my database on a server, if i write all parameters in to the
IBbackupservice component it works too.

Now, i would like to specify the path with a .ini file and not into the
IBbackupservice component.... and now i have trouble !

when i read the path on a .ini file, no trouble if backup a local database.

But when my database is on a server, no backup !
on the ini file the database and backup are specify as :
PATHBASE = myserver:e:\directory\mydatabase.fdb

1) my delphi code first get the database path on the server, it works :
DatabaseName := cfginifile.readstring('BASE','PATHBASE','');

2) when my delphi code just arrive to the path of the backup file, it
doesn't works !


i try to add the server name:
IBbackupservice.servername := 'myserver'
no more succes...

maybe the trouble comes from protocol, so i try :
ibbackupservice.protocol := TCP
but no more succes....

if you have idea or a few lines of delphi code for such backup, thanks.
i hope my topic is not explain too bad, sorry for my bad english.