Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Corruption in Firebird Classic
Author grostoon
Hi Will,

My little stress program is written in C and uses the OdbcJdbc driver (and unixODBC driver manager). I wrote it for unix but it should not be difficult to make it compile on Windows. See attached file.

To run the stress :
- first create a nex empty db with isql or any other tool
- edit odbc.ini file and set parameters suitable for this new database (Driver, dbname, user, password),
- set ODBCINI environment variable to the odbc.ini file
- then create the tables and indexes with create_base program
- then run driver_stress -iV -sW -uX -cY -dZ (for example driver_stress -i5 -s1 -u1 -c1 -d1) and let it run for a while (typically several hours) ... Read driver_stress.c header for details.
- then stop it and check stressdb.fdb sanity with gfix -validate -full

Hope this may help,


"will.honor" <will.honor@...> wrote:

> I've got exactly the same kind of corruption with the port of FB
> I made for AIX 5.1 and >.
> My super server works very well. However, I launched a little "stress"
> program to check the robustness
> of my port and then after a few hours of stress, my database becomes
> corrupted. Mostly every time

It seems you have a reproducable test case! I wonder if the
corruption would happen faster with Classic server.
I would be very interested in seeing the metadata of your Test DB.
Does your stress test App run in windows? If so I could run some tests
on the servers I have. If it doesnt run in windows then could you
supply me with the SQL you use and the testing strategy? I will put
together another stress test app.

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