Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird database portability
Author Milan Babuskov
Christopher Chan wrote:
> Anyway, I have what I
> need. On Linux, security2.fdb has to be copied since I have been
> informed of no other option on this list and it is the same method Milan
> used anyway. I just make use to bundle a security2.fdb file created on a
> 32-bit system with 32-bit binaries and the likewise for 64-bit binaries.

Yes, that's exactly how it needs to be done.

Also if you plan to have PPC version (or for any other architecture),
just bundle the appropriate security file for that system.

I've been quiet on this thread so far, as I've seen that you got the
point, but it really should stop here, as there isn't anything useful to
add to the conversation.

Milan Babuskov