Subject RE: [firebird-support] Stored procedure ?
Author Alan McDonald
> Thanks for answer.
> It's stock application.... at every end of a month I want to
> replicate records, for the next month and remove those with
> value1=0 ,to have a clearly evidence for each month/year.
> Thanks !

still not enough info for me, but this might start a ball rolling...
you can't replicate with an SP since you can't make a connection to a third
party database from your master database.
All you can do is insert records to replicate into a special table, then
have an external application connect to your database periodically or via
events and query this table, thereby querying the source tables and
inserting/updating/deleting records of a target database.
There are many replication tools available, see for a full
list. They all have a slightly different model for this operation.