Subject Re: [firebird-support] Gbak and checks
Author Stefan Heymann

a successful GBAK backup only tells you that your database is
physically correct. To check for consistency corruption, it is a good
idea to do a restore everytime or at least from time to time.

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> You can add a field to a table, and set it to "not null", even if that
> table already has data. Ok. Backup that database, and you cant restore
> it because that "not null" field containing nulls. If you use the switch
> of gbak to skip data validation, you lost _all_ your checks (not only
> problematic ones).
> If live database can contains nulls where it shoudnt be, then backup
> should restore database exactly as there was before backup.
> Or, at least, no restore only that problematic checks.

> Maybe you have a better solution? I'm waiting to read it! :)

Stefan Heymann