Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Corruption in Firebird Classic
Author Ann W. Harrison
will.honor wrote:
> Unfortunately, I cant give you the database as it contains plenty of
> protected information! I am willing to spend time trying to get the
> issue to reproduce on a test database though. Any ideas how?

Let me think about this ... but if it's possible for you to keep
a copy of the test database in its corrupt state, that would be
a starting point.
> ...
> found that 5 indexes on the same table were corrupt and all but 1 were
> foreign keys with low selectivity.

That would be more interesting if all 5 followed the same pattern,
but still worth thinking about.
>>> Relation has 1691 orphan backversions (1 in use) in table ACTIONS
> (162)
>> That's an error, but not a serious error.
> Could I have caused this by doing a forced shutdown? in that case this
> may have occured after the index corruption when I was trying to close
> all the connections to the DB.

Probably not. It would require that the engine stop without writing
out its dirty pages. That's more of a crash than any kind of controlled