Subject Re: [firebird-support] interbase 7 to firebird 1.5.2 MAYDAY
Author Martijn Tonies
Hello Jason,

> We have been taking users on interbase 5.x to firebird 1.5.2 without
> problems, today we ( by accident ) found one of our users were on
> interbase 7, we found this out after uninstalling interbase and
> installing firebird.
> Is there a program we can use to convert an interbase 7 .gdb file to a
> firebird .gdb or a process ?
> I have searched the firebird site without success for information on
> taking interbase .gdb data to firebird.

Reinstall InterBase, do a "backup" with InterBase and a "restore"
with Firebird and all should be well (that is: if you didn't use any
IB7 specific features).

Martijn Tonies
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