Subject Re: [firebird-support] update take manu time
Author Luiz Rafael Culik Guimaraes

>How much records are updated by this query ?
Just 1

>If you have a million records with ID_TERMINAL = 8 I think it's quite
>fast :-) I wont call W98 a server :-)

>Why run classic on it ? Is it a SMP machine ? I suppose if you run it on
>W98 it is a very small database with few users, so I would choose SS
becouse is an standalone machine, no connection from others machines

> any idea to speed up this query?

So far CS has a separated cache for each connection it will do more
physical reads than SS, I don't know how performant is an USB Falsh
drive in Win 98 (does it support USB 2.0 ?)

>But I think the main concern should be how much records are filtered by
>your WHERE clause.
Just One, this table only store data needed for an specific terminal, and no
terminal numbers is repeted( terminal is unique)