Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: End of Restore notification?
Author Woody
From: "Nando Dessena" <nando@...>
> Woody,
> I am replying here as I don't see the other message (yet).
> >> What do you mean by "fetching restore information items"? To be
> >> connected to the restoring database and counting the restored records?
> Fancy, but it's not what I meant. :-)
> I pointed you to the FlameRobin code, which is freely available and
> shows you how to do it using IBPP. IBPP's code is itself freely
> available, so you can hunt down to the straight services API level if
> you want.

My apologies for misunderstanding what you were saying. :) I want to check
this out as well to incorporate it into my backup/restore/repair service
application that I wrote. It would be much better than the verbose option,
speed-wise, I believe.


Woody (TMW)