Subject Re: [firebird-support] Helen - Next Book
Author Christopher Chan
> Christopher Chan wrote:
> > I, for one, have been digging for API information. I'd love to be able
> > to get man pages for Firebird API calls. The API guide for Interbase 6.0
> > is apparently out of date. Nothing on SQL Roles at all and who knows
> > what else? What development tool is out there that is open source and
> > encapsulates enough of the API?
> >
> Hi Chris,
> Take a look on IBPP (C++) or MDO (Delphi)

Hello Alexandre,

I have already been introduced to IBPP...and I already have qt4 linked
against Firebird's libfbembed. I do not see why I have to add another
library to my qt4 based application. Besides, ibpp does not do SQL Roles.