Subject Re: Error installing on Win XP Pro
Author Adam
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> > Also I hope D drive refers to a hard drive or partition of a hard
> > drive, not some mapped drive or something like that.
> My first reaction was "of course it's a local drive, do you think I'm
> a dummy?". This was quickly followed by "oh crap, that's the SUBST
> drive I use to sync the laptop config with my desktop".
> Installing Firebird to "c:\d_drive\Firebird" was successful.
> Moral of the story - do not install to mapped drive or SUBST drive.
> Thanks for the memory jog.

This is a gotcha in Windows rather than Firebird specifically. I
suppose the installer could be enhanced to warn you.

I encountered the same problem trying to install a service I wrote
myself from my T drive, until I figured I had to install from the
'real' path. Windows isn't clever enough to resolve the subst path.