Subject Re: Error installing on Win XP Pro
Author Adam
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> Adam,
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> > Sent: Friday, November 10, 2006 5:15 PM
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> > I would uninstall (Add/Remove programs) and try to download and
> > install Firebird 1.5.3. The only difference I can see here is that
> you
> > have changed the installation path from default, but that should not
> > be a problem.
> >
> > In any case, try 1.5.3 and let us know how you go.
> In a prior message I realized that I mistakenly posted the link to
> 2.0, when I really meant to point to 1.5.3, which is what I attempted
> to install.
> I've had a little more time to troubleshoot just now:
> 1. Add/Remove programs to clear previous install.
> 2. Install 1.5.3 with all defaults.
> 3. Same error as before "Error 3: The system cannot find the path
> specifed".
> 4. Tried to run fbserver.exe -a, which runs successfully.
> 5. Killed fbserver.exe process
> 6. Tried control panel applet to start service thru guardian.
> Received error messge "Error Code 3 raised in Start Service".
> Just for kicks, I then removed 1.5.3 and installed 2.0 (from the link
> I previously posted). Duplicating the steps above resulted in the
> same exact errors.

That is interesting, we have done hundreds of installs using 1.5.3 and
have never encountered this issue. Granted most of our server installs
are Windows Server 2003, but the laptop I type this on is XP 1.5.3 CS,
formerly XP 1.5.3 SS.

I have never installed it to a folder other than default, which is
inside $PROGRAMFILES (which has been on a D drive before), maybe try that.

Also I hope D drive refers to a hard drive or partition of a hard
drive, not some mapped drive or something like that.



Double click

Firebird Server - default instance

Does the path to executable point to the right place?

It may also be a bug in the installer (which it does not overly
surprise me if they use the same one for Firebird 2). If you install
it to the default location, does it work?