Subject Re: how can I appoint port number in TIBOLogService
Author heroes3lover
But something I should explain.
I can use TIBOLogService to test the service, but although
I have FB 1.5, I can not appoint port number in TIBOLogService object.
so I only can use firebird configuration file to do this.
but firebird has a strange feature, if there is no firebird service
running in my client machine, firebird driver will use configuration
to connect to server, but if not, firebird will not only use the
remoteserverport settings in configuration file. I dont know why.
maybe it try 3050 or anything else.
So if I use another port, I should stop service or restart it, which
cause troubles.
so I just wonder why the other dbexpress component can set port,
but TIBOLogService can not.
only about this.