Subject Re: [firebird-support] how can I appoint port number in TIBOLogService
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:31 AM 9/11/2006, you wrote:
>we want to detect the server which database is install in the server.
>the only way we can do is to get the log of the server and see the
>service name.

>we bought latest fbclient.dll,

You bought it? Who sold it to you? How much did it cost?

>and we can appoint port number in the
>connecton component like remoteserver/port:c:\test.gdb.
>but we can not found the advantage of the TIBOLogService component.
>so. can we appoint the port in TIBOLogService?

If there was a TIBOLogService (which there isn't, as far as I know),
it would be a Services API component for reading the Interbase or
Firebird log file (interbase.log or firebird.log) into your
application. There is a TIBLogService component in the equivalent
IBX Services components set, though, and it works with Firebird 1.5
as long as you don't try to utilise any features that Interbase doesn't have.

However, the port syntax in the connection string was introduced in
Fb 1.5. Interbase doesn't have it, so TIBLogService doesn't recognise it.

In any case, the component doesn't access any other logs, such as the
Windows system logs.

>or another way to detect the server which database it has installed?

The Services components can't tell you that, either. They are used
to access server-level utilities. Applications pass
database-specific parameters to the Services API through some
components, e.g. for backing up databases, but the components
themselves don't know about the databases that are on the host
machine. The log file is not database-specific, in any case.

Or do you mean "a way to detect which server is installed"?
(Interbase, Firebird ...which version? etc. etc.) This is a much
more complicated question, with a lot of dependencies in the answer....