Subject Re: [firebird-support] Password length in FB 2.0
Author Lucas Franzen

Guido Klapperich schrieb:
>> Yes, it's still 8. On a new Fb/Windows server, you can login as SYSDBA
>> with password masterketchup.
> Exist any good reason for that? I have a customer with a password
> policy, that the password must have at least 8 digits and it must
> contain a upper case character, a lower case character and a special
> character. I think it's a quite typical password policy. When I now have
> to tell the customer, that firebird checks only the first 8 digits of
> the password, it sounds not very professional. Or in the worst case, he
> tells me, that firebird can't be used.

Use your own user table where name and password are stored encrypted and
checked after login from your app.
If your customers have a password policy then they might have further
requirements like:

- user can't change password
- user has to change password
- password validity / expiration date
- password history (no reuse of already used passwords after a change)
- and so on