Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: deadlock while dropping stored procedure
Author Thomas Besand
Adam schrieb:
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> > Hi ng,
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> > using FB2 RC2, but I don't think my problem is specific to that version.
> >
> > In my DB I have a table HPQMAIN with some fields.
> > There's also a stored procedure sp_findDups in the DB, that queries
> > several fields in HPQMAIN and returns some result.
> >
> > Now I want to drop both table and procedure, when my client program
> > requests it.
> >
> > Tried to 'DROP TABLE HPQMAIN;' but received dependency error regarding
> > sp_findDups.
> > Tried to 'DROP PROCEDURE "sp_findDups" ;' but received dependency error
> > regarding HPQMAIN.
> >
> > Is there something like 'DROP DEPENDENCY <somedep>'?
> No, the dependency is implied. A dependency means something like 'if
> you drop this, you are in a pickle because <the other object> is
> relying on it.
> There are only a couple of ways I can think of that a table could
> depend on a stored procedure. It must be either a trigger for that
> table or a computed field that uses that procedure.
> The stored procedure will have a dependency on the table if it queries
> that table.
> So it is pretty straight forward. Before you can drop an object, you
> have to clear the dependencies.
> If you wish to drop the table but it is used by the procedure, then
> alter the procedure to not query the table. After you do that, you can
> drop the table.
Hi again,

after asking the above question I set up the RC5 on this machine- and
now both of the 'DROP' procedures run just fine.
First I delete the procedure and then the table.

Thanks, Adam and everybody for taking the time.