Subject Re: Connection Log Jam
Author Adam
--- In, "reg_ellery" <reg.ellery@...>
> I am running a Windows Delphi application which allows users to enter
> data. There are usually 5 or 6 users connected at any one time. Other
> users connect using Palm PDAs to upload and download data. The
> software written in C#. The number of connections is around 10 during
> off peak and as high as 40 connections at peak times. I'm using
> IBOCosole to monitor things on a firebird 1.5.2 database. The DB
> server is 2 Xeon 3.2 Ghz with 2GB of RAM.
> Problem: Most days it hums along just fine but on a couple of
> occasions the number of connections (according to IBOConsole) has
> blown out to over 1000 and the sytem stops to a crawl.
> Any ideas?

Unless there is a bug in IBOConsole which causes it to report an
incorrect number, at least one of the client applications is not
handling the connections properly. You will need to try to identify
which of your Delphi or C# programs is causing the issue.