Subject Re: Monitoring query question
Author lec_sas
Apparently I am not receiving any e-mails from the group at all. If
anyone had any replies to my question, can you post it on the forums

Thank You

--- In, "lec_sas" <lec_sas@...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am currently using the embedded DLL, and I am working on a data
> import routine. I create an external table (Create table name external
> file "random.txt") and use an "insert into select from" statement.
> (INSERT INTO TABLEA(F1,F2) SELECT e_F1, e_F2 FROM e_TableA). This
> works fine, however what I wish to do is to track the progress of the
> query in real time. For example, if the user is importing 15 million
> records, I would like to provide visual feedback (progress bar, etc)
> showing the current number of records imported. This way I can
> increase the progress bar in real time as the records are being
> imported into the destination table.
> My first idea was to put an AFTER INSERT trigger to update an
> integer field in a random table and each time the trigger would
> execute, it would increase the count by 1, I could then query that
> field in real time. This didn't appear to work and I assumed it was
> because all the trigger updates didn't get committed until the parent
> query (insert into select from) was completed.
> My second idea was to use events, however I read that events are
> also under transaction control, and that recurring events are not even
> queued up.
> I have read many web pages that would suggest Firebird has support
> for an autocommit mode, would this help me get around my transaction
> control problem? Also, how would I set the autocommit mode using the
> embedded DLL. Also, is there anyone who would have any alternative
> suggestions to provide real time feedback of the records imported?
> Thank You
> Darin