Subject Re: [firebird-support] reading fb_lock_print report
Author Ann W. Harrison
Anderson Farias wrote:
> Hi all,
> Could someone point me a doc or tell me how to 'read' fb_lock_print
> info? for instance, what some of the following data mean::

I wrote a paper that's available on the IBPhoenix CD and in Helen's

> OWNER BLOCK 542972
> Owner id: 3828, type: 3, flags: 0x20, pending: 0, semid: 0
> Process id: 3828, UID: 0x0 Alive
> Flags: 0x20 wake
> Requests (103): forward: 344668, backward: 200016
> Blocks: *empty*
> what´s 'requests (103)' for eg.?

That particular Owner has 103 requests for locks. At least 102 of them
are granted.

The block is at offset 542972 relative to the start of the lock table.

The owner is a connection (type 3)

The owner has signaled the owner of a blocking lock, and is capable
of delivering signals across groups (flags 16 + 4).

The requests forward and back are doubly linked list of requests for
locks on objects.