Subject Re: Blob segment size
Author Stephen Boyd
--- In, "Stephen Boyd" <sboydlns@...>
> I have gotten to the point in the writing of my embedded SQL guide
> where I have to talk about Blobs. I have found the following
> statement, or variations of it, in several places:
> "Normally, you should not attempt to write segments larger than the
> segment length you defined in the table; doing so may result in buffer
> overflow and possible memory corruption."
> Can this possibly be true? It is hard to believe that Firebird is
> that fragile. If it is, what is the point to being able to override
> the segment length on the INSERT CURSOR statement?

Never mind the above question. I found my own answer. The
MAXIMUM_SEGMENT clause needs to be used to override the table
definition. At least in Cobol the code generated won't lead to a
crash, just truncated Blob segments.

Still need an answer to the second one though.

> Also, I have found two different claims for the maximum length of a
> Blob segment. 65K and 32K. Does anyone know which it is?