Subject Re: [firebird-support] FW: FB 1.5 and FB 2 coexist
Author Stefan Heymann
> How do I get FB 1.5 and FB 2 to coexist on my pc, each running as a
> separate service.

You can't run them both as a service because they would have the same
service name by default. (I'm assuming Windows here.)

But you can run one as a service and the other as an application.
Before you can do that, you must change firebird.conf so that every
server listens on a different port (e.g. one on the default port 3050,
and the other on 3051). After that you can run one server as a service
(using instsvc) and the other as an appliation, using

{firebird}\bin\fbserver -a

as the call. There is also a -p option to specify the TCP port:

{firebird}\bin\fbserver -a -p 3051

will start the fbserver as an application and listen on port 3051.

BTW, you can also run both as an application, of course.


Best Regards


Stefan Heymann