Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: firbird 1.5 database creation error
Author Milan Babuskov
wang960 wrote:
> login in as 'root'
> create a file in isql,
> SQL> create database '/home/fdb/test.fdb' page_size 8192;
> but test.fdb is owned by root, have to:chown to firebird.firebird

And also: chmod 660.

> if i login as 'firebird', and run isql, i got an error:
> unable to open
> why user firebird can not run isql?

Default permissions are probably 640 or 600 which are insufficient as
group 'firebird' doesn't have write access. But, you should not be
logged in as 'firebird' user anyway. If you really need to, the best
idea is to add yourself to 'firebird' group.

Since you're using Classic, you can also connect with any Firebird
username using the hostname: prefix:

./isql localhost:/home/fdb/test.fdb -user sysdba -pass ******

Milan Babuskov