Subject Re: Server do not notice client disconnections
Author Anderson Farias
Hi Helen, many thanks for your input

So, I have to do nothing on Firebird (conf) or Windows (registry)
for this to work, It already work with a 2h time configured (be
default)?! Nothing really to 'turn on' on Firebird?

I´m asking that 'couse it *seems* to me that's not working at all
(on my Windows 2003/FB 1.5 Classic configuration).

For instance, most clients run from another Win2003 Terminal
Services server. One time the server was shutdown having lots of
sessions/client apps connected to the FB server and many hours late,
with no new connections done to the FB server I could still see lots
of fb_inet_server running.

But now, with your information, I´ll do some tests to verify that,
and even reduce the 2h default time.

Many thanks again,

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From: "Helen Borrie" <helebor@...>

It already does so. After a period of time, the
server recognises that the connection has gone
and will proceed to clean up outstanding
resources and terminate the dead process. This
note in the firebird.conf file should help you if
you want to alter your system's socket timeout configuration:

# Normally, Firebird uses SO_KEEPALIVE socket option to keep track of
# active connections. If you do not like default 2-hour keepalive
# then adjust your server OS settings appropriately. On UNIX-like
# modify contents of /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_keepalive_*. On Windows,
# follow instructions of this article: