Subject Re: [firebird-support] Boolean type
Author Stefan Heymann
Randall, I am with you on that one.

I consider it ridiculous that a toddler RDBMS like dBASE had a LOGICAL
datatype but all the RDBMS systems for adults (like Oracle and, yes,
Firebird/InterBase) don't have a native BOOLEAN type.

On the other side, IDEs for adults (like Delphi) don't have datatypes
like NUMBER or DECIMAL to exactly match what comes from the database

Best Regards


> Is it just me missing something obvious, or does FB 2 (or any rev
> for that mtter) not have a boolean type? Would be nice to have
> native support for something that seems so simple. Yes, I am aware I
> can create a domain to simulate it, but that falls short (if I
> understand correctly) as I cannot pass a domain definition into an
> SP.

> regards eveyone,
> -randall sell