Subject Re: invalid SEND request (167)
Author Adam
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> I like it how on this newsgroup the first assumption is always user
> error :) I mean no disrespect to the very experienced and helpful
> proffesionals that take their time to patrol this group.

And I love the assumption that every developer is Sir Edmund Hillary.

With great respect, Firebird has had a couple of million downloads
registered, and most developers just download it once and ship that
with their installs. Numerous surveys have found that its popularity
amongst open source databases is not at all ashamed when compared to
MySQL and PostgreSQL.

In practice, that means if you encounter a particular bug, chances are
you are not the first. When the symptoms of a problem you may be having
match the symptoms of a known about user error yet you do not make it
clear in your post that you know about that issue and that is not the
case, what on earth do you expect people to do?

Should the developers perhaps spend days chasing after every reported
issue? Nothing would ever get done. Instead, issues are fixed based on
the issue tracker which I am glad to see you found. That is just one
step in weeding out the PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and
chair) and bugs.