Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: firebird deadlock vs isc_tpb_wait/etc. issue, or ?
Author Ann W. Harrison
learntrade wrote:
> 1)Aren't firebird <v2 generators 32-bit?

No. Firebird has always had 64 bit generators.

> 5)I can simply code for the deadlock exception and retry.

As you point out, your solution won't be a problem unless there's
a lot of load, which is when you need the cheap solution.

> throughput/loads supported. (In my research efforts prior to original
> post for this issue, I saw a post by Jim Starkey (?sp) [architecture
> list?] that suggested transaction load support in firebird may
> currently be a concern, at least in comparison to the "big guys.")

Jim is a dear boy, and has lots of good ideas. However, in this
case, his judgment is warped by the fact that he's built a new
high-throughput relational data manager. Firebird does very well
in comparisons against its contemporaries. And, though I wouldn't
want to bet on a race between it and Jim's new engine, the latter
comes with MySQL issues - GPL, no embedded V5.x yet, etc.



Full disclosure. Jim's my husband. I work for MySQL.