Subject Re: [firebird-support] Transaction Question
Author Steve Wiser
Toddly wrote:
> Our application is used for Property Assessment. We have one main
> table (the properties) and many child tables and grand child tables,
> etc. When the user uses the application they may add, change or
> delete many records in the child and grand child tables. When they
> are done doing their changes, I want to run a stored procedure to
> recalculate the properties assessment.
> Is it possible to do this using triggers? If not, how can I do this
> in the database and not through the application?
> I know how to do it using triggers, but the problem is that I don't
> want to recalculate everytime a child or grandchild record is altered.
> I only want to do it at the end of the changes.
> Thanks in advance,
> Todd
Maybe you could add a field at the main level to set the record as "In
Process" or something and when the user is complete your app sets the
record to Complete and your triggers go off of the value in that field?
Or maybe put all of the control in the client app.